Community Planning Partnership Strategic Forums

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The Dumfries and Galloway Community Planning Partnership Board is our region's highest level partnership grouping. It approves the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan; the Locality Plan; the Annual Improvement Plan; the Operating Protocol; and the Performance Framework.

Senior Leadership Team

The Community Planning Executive Group is our region's highest level Officer grouping. It receives annual reports from the thematic groups, working groups and Locality Hubs.

Stakeholder Group

The Stakeholder Group advises the Community Planning Partnership on the key issues affecting Dumfries and Galloway and helps to set realistic targets by acting as a key consultative group.

Effective communications are maintained with the Community Planning Partnership participants through an e-mail network, with regular information and invitations and the development of interactive mechanisms.

The Stakeholder Group promotes Community Planning principles, objectives and practices in their respective partner organisations.

Members of the Stakeholder Group are detailed in the Community Planning Operating Protocol.

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